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Leysin Winter Sport Sprint Started

The Leysin sprint has started since yesterday morning in the usual location. The view is spectacular (see photo) the weather mostly sunny. The following people are sprinting:

  • Maciej Fijalkowski
  • Armin Rigo
  • Toby Watson
  • Paul deGrandis
  • Antonio Cuni
  • Carl Friedrich Bolz
So it is a rather small sprint.

We started working on various features and performance improvements for the high level backends (JVM and .NET) and on implementing ctypes for PyPy. Later this week we plan to spend a few days on the JIT, because Anto and I both need to get into it for our respective university projects.


ajaksu wrote on 2008-01-14 22:29:

For those curious about what is going on: SVN commits

Great work, guys! :)