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Bittorrent on PyPy

Hi all,

Bittorrent now runs on PyPy! I tried the no-GUI BitTornado version ( It behaves correctly and I fixed the last few obvious places which made noticeable pauses. (However we know that there are I/O performance issues left: we make too many internal copies of the data, e.g. in a or

We are interested in people trying out other real-world applications that, like the GUI-less Bittorrent, don't have many external dependencies to C extension modules. Please report all the issues to us!

The current magic command line for creating a pypy-c executable with as many of CPython's modules as possible is:

  cd pypy/translator/goal
  ./ --thread --allworkingmodules --withmod-_rawffi --faassen

(This gives you a thread-aware pypy-c, which requires the Boehm gc library. The _rawffi module gives you ctypes support but is only tested for Linux at the moment.)


Panos Laganakos wrote on 2008-03-18 12:23:

Pretty kewl stuff from PyPy :)

Orangeman wrote on 2008-04-07 13:30:

I have a guide on most popular P2P technologies at and on Bit Torrent at . Cheers!!

Unknown wrote on 2008-04-19 11:53:

What rev number did you build on? I tried with the latest source from svn, but got an error almost immediately. No module named py.