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pylib/py.test 0.9.2 released

PyPy and its 14638 automated tests use the py.test tool which is also used by many other projects. PyPy developers have actually driven and contributed a lot to its development. I just released version 0.9.2 of the py lib mainly fixing Windows issues and providing better packaging and integration with setuptools. It's usable completely independently from PyPy - "easy_install py" gives you the py.test command line. Of course you can run py.test on top of a translated PyPy version as well. Here is a quick summary of what the py lib provides besides py.test:

  • py.execnet: ad-hoc code distribution to SSH, Socket and local sub processes
  • py.magic.greenlet: micro-threads on standard CPython ("stackless-light") and PyPy
  • py.path: path abstractions over local and subversion files
  • py.code: dynamic code compile and traceback printing support
  • tested against Linux, Win32, OSX, works on python 2.3-2.6
Good general entry points for installation and documentation: have fun, holger krekel


Anonymous wrote on 2008-09-02 18:30:

We use py.test in the development of the Translate Toolkit and Pootle - many thanks :)

I use Fedora so here are Fedora RPMs for pylib:

holger krekel wrote on 2008-09-23 15:44:

Hi Dwayne!

thanks a lot. I added a link to your RPM from the download page. Let me know if there was anything that hindered packaging.