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PyPy/Python at the Maemo summit

Maciej and me visited the Maemo Summit in Berlin - a community meetup around Nokia's Linux based mobile platform. We spontaneously did a lightning talk about a first running pypy-c on Maemo and got nice feedback.

We also had a nice lunch with guys from the INDT in Brazil, including Marcio Marcedo and Marcelo Eduardo. It turns out that Python is used a lot on Maemo, for example the nice Canola UI is done with it. Will be interesting to see how this shapes up in relation to the iPhone and Android.

A lot of Nokia engineers were around and they announced that from October on they are going for weekly new releases of their SDK for the new Fremantle (Maemo-5) debian-based platform until the SDK becomes final - if we got this right.

Funnily enough, we met Marius Gedminas from the Programmers of Vilnius - he gave a lightning talk on his impressions as a community member. We think python programmers really should go much more to non-Python centric conferences.

The whole event took place at the C-Base - was a bit crammed in some of the sessions with something like 200 people attending.
cheers, Maciej and Holger