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Heroes of the 1.2 Release

Now that the release is done I wanted to list and to thank some people that were essential in the process of getting it out of the door, particularly because the work of some of them is not very visible usually.

Armin Rigo and Maciej Fijałkowski tirelessly worked on most aspects of the release, be it fixing the last known bugs and performance problems, packaging or general wizardry.

Amaury Forgeot d'Arc made sure that PyPy 1.2 actually supports Windows as a platform properly and compiled the Windows binaries.

Miquel Torres designed and implemented our new speed overview page, which is a great tool for us to spot performance regressions and to showcase our improvements to the general public.

tav designed the new user-oriented web page, which is a lot nicer for people that only want to use PyPy as a Python implementation (and not be confused by how PyPy is actually made).

Holger Krekel fixed our main development server, even while being on vacation and not really having online connectivity. Without that, we couldn't actually have released anything.

Bartosz Skowron worked a lot on making Ubuntu packages for PyPy, which is really cool. Even though he didn't quite finish in time for the release, we will hopefully get them soon.

Thanks to all you guys!


Nicola Larosa wrote on 2010-03-13 10:53:

Many thanks to all of you for the hard work, PyPy is shaping up very nicely. :-)

Bartosz Skowron wrote on 2010-03-13 14:45:

Heh, I would finish the Ubuntu package if i didn't have restricted Internet access (only port 80 is working in the hotel where i'm staying now). please wait till Monday :)

Philipp Strube wrote on 2010-03-13 14:54:

Awesome. Will try this out for our cloud hosting platform.