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PyPy Genova-Pegli Post-EuroPython Sprint June 27 - July 2 2011

The next PyPy sprint will be in Genova-Pegli, Italy, the week after EuroPython (which is in Florence, about 3h away by train). This is a fully public sprint: newcomers and topics other than those proposed below are welcome.

Goals and topics of the sprint

  • Now that we have released 1.5, the sprint itself is going to be mainly working on fixing issues reported by various users. Possible topics include, but are not limited to:
    • fixing issues in the bug tracker
    • improve cpyext, the C-API compatibility layer, to support more extension modules
    • finish/improve/merge jitypes2, the branch which makes ctypes JIT friendly
    • general JIT improvements
    • improve our tools, like the jitviewer or the buildbot infrastructure
    • make your favorite module/application working on PyPy, if it doesn't yet
  • Of course this does not prevent people from showing up with a more precise interest in mind If there are newcomers, we will gladly give introduction talks.
  • Since we are almost on the beach, we can take one day off for summer relaxation and/or tourist visits nearby :-).

Exact times

The work days should be 27 June - 2 July 2011. People may arrive on the 26th already and/or leave on the 3rd.

Location & Accomodation

Both the sprint venue and the lodging will be at Albergo Puppo in Genova-Pegli, Italy. Pegli is a nice and peaceful little quarter of Genova, and the hotel is directly on the beach, making it a perfect place for those who want to enjoy the sea in the middle of the Italian summer, as a quick search on Google Images shows :-)

The place has a good ADSL Internet connexion with wireless installed. You can of course arrange your own lodging anywhere but I definitely recommend lodging there too.
Please confirm that you are coming so that we can adjust the reservations as appropriate. The prices are as follows, and they include breakfast and a parking place for the car, in case you need it:
  • single room: 70 €
  • double room: 95 €
  • triple room: 105 €
Please register by hg:
or on the pypy-dev mailing list if you do not yet have check-in rights:
In case you want to share a room with someone else but you don't know who, please let us know (either by writing it directly in people.txt or by writing on the mailing list) and we will try to arrange it.


vak wrote on 2011-05-25 11:39:


as for upcoming sprint...

The grid on is a totally great idea. However the benchmark tests listed represent no progress since a long time already.

Q1. Does it mean that the set is not representative any more and should be extended?

Q2. Is it possible to include some micro benchmarks, please? (Oh, please!)

vak wrote on 2011-06-14 14:31:

no answers -- it's a pity