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PyPy San Francisco Sprint Dec 1st - Dec 2nd 2012

The next PyPy sprint will be in San Francisco, California. It is a
public sprint, suitable for newcomers. It will run on Saturday December 1st and
Sunday December 2nd. The goals for the sprint are continued work towards the
2.0 release as well as code cleanup, we of course welcome any topic which
contributors are interested in working on.

Some other possible topics are:

  • running your software on PyPy
  • work on PyPy's numpy (status)
  • work on STM (status)
  • JIT improvements
  • any exciting stuff you can think of

If there are newcomers, we'll run the usual introduction to hacking on


The sprint will be held at the Rackspace Office:

620 Folsom St, Ste 100
San Francisco

The doors will open at 10AM both days, and run until 6PM both days.

Thanks to David Reid for helping get everything set up!


Mike Pavone wrote on 2012-11-29 22:49:

Hi, I'm interested in getting involved with PyPy development and would love to attend the sprint to get started, but I'm not sure I can make it both days. Would it be okay to just participate Sunday or would that not make sense?

Maciej Fijalkowski wrote on 2012-11-29 23:06:


Jean-Paul Calderone wrote on 2012-11-30 19:16:

Awww jeez, you guys couldn't wait a couple more weeks? Have fun. If anyone's still in the bay area after Dec 10th give a holler.

Anonymous wrote on 2012-12-03 01:17:

It would have helped a lot if this sprint was announced more in advance. I just missed it because I didn't bother to check the PyPy blog last week.

Maciej Fijalkowski wrote on 2012-12-03 16:35:

I'm sorry, but we didn't know more in advance.

Anonymous wrote on 2012-12-25 20:48:

STM update looks interesting and promising!