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NumPy Status Update - November

Since the PyPy 2.2 release last month, more progress has been made on the NumPy compatibility front. Initial work has been directed by running the NumPy test suite and targeting failures that appear most frequently, along with fixing the few bugs reported on the bug tracker.

Improvements were made in these areas:
- Many missing/broken scalar functionalities were added/fixed. The scalar API should match up more closely with arrays now.
- Some missing dtype functionality was added (newbyteorder, hasobject, descr, etc)
- Support for optional arguments (axis, order) was added to some ndarray functions
- Fixed some corner cases for string/record types

Most of these improvements went onto trunk after 2.2 was split, so if you're interested in trying them out or running into problems on 2.2, try the nightly.

Thanks again to the NumPy on PyPy donors who make this continued progress possible.



Anonymous wrote on 2013-12-17 13:45:

This is fantastic news! I can't wait until I can run my numpy scripts under pypy as easily as I can my standard python scripts.