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Leysin Winter Sprint: 25/26th Feb. - 4th March 2017

The next PyPy sprint will be in Leysin, Switzerland, for the twelveth time. This is a fully public sprint: newcomers and topics other than those proposed below are welcome.

Goals and topics of the sprint

The list of topics is very open.

  • The main topic is Python 3.5 support in PyPy, as most py3.5 contributors should be present. It is also a good topic if you have no or limited experience with PyPy contribution: we can easily find something semi-independent that is not done in py3.5 so far, and do pair-programming with you.
  • Any other topic is fine too: JIT compiler optimizations, CFFI, the RevDB reverse debugger, improving to speed of your program on PyPy, etc.
  • And as usual, the main side goal is to have fun in winter sports :-) We can take a day off (for ski or anything else).

Exact times

Work days: starting 26th Feb (~noon), ending March 4th (~noon).

I have pre-booked the week from Saturday Feb 25th to Saturday March 4th. If it is possible for you to arrive Sunday before mid-afternoon, then you should get a booking from Sunday only. The break day should be around Wednesday.

It is fine to stay a few more days on either side, or conversely to book for a part of that time only.

Location & Accomodation

Leysin, Switzerland, "same place as before".

Let me refresh your memory: both the sprint venue and the lodging will be in a pair of chalets built specifically for bed & breakfast: The place has a good ADSL Internet connection with wireless installed. You can also arrange your own lodging elsewhere (as long as you are in Leysin, you cannot be more than a 15 minutes walk away from the sprint venue).

Please confirm that you are coming so that we can adjust the reservations as appropriate.

The options of rooms are a bit more limited than on previous years because the place for bed-and-breakfast is shrinking; but we should still have enough room for us. The price is around 60 CHF, breakfast included, in shared rooms (3 or 4 people). If there are people that would prefer a double or single room, please contact me and we'll see what choices you have. There are also a choice of hotels in Leysin.

Please register by Mercurial:

or on the pypy-dev mailing list if you do not yet have check-in rights:

You need a Swiss-to-(insert country here) power adapter. There will be some Swiss-to-EU adapters around, and at least one EU-format power strip.