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Düsseldorf HPy/PyPy/GraalPy sprint September 19-23rd 2022

The programming language group of the Computer Science department of Heinrich-Heine Universität Düsseldorf is happy to invite everybody to another sprint in Düsseldorf, from the 19th to the 23rd of September 2022. This is a fully public sprint, everyone and particularly newcomers are welcome to join us! The goal is to bring together people from the HPy, PyPy, GraalPy and CPython communities.

Topics and goals

  • work on HPy APIs, discussions around next steps for the project

  • continuing new and ongoing ports to HPy, including Cython, NumPy, Pillow, Matplotlib

  • 3.10 support on PyPy and GraalPy

  • preparing the next PyPy release

  • discussions around ways to improve collaboration between the different Python implementations

What is a sprint?

The experience of the PyPy project has shown the benefits of regular sprints. They are focussed one week physical meetings where people pair-program on new features and discuss future plans. Coming to one is a great way to get started with a project!


The sprint will take place in a seminar room of the computer science department. It is in the building 25.12, room 02.50 (second floor) of the university campus. For travel instructions see

We ask participants to wear masks during the indoor working hours.

Photograph of the statue of Heinrich Heine in front of the University library on the campus in Düsseldorf

Wiegels, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Exact times

Work days: starting September 19th (~morning), ending September 23rd (~afternoon). We will do a to-be-planned social activity on Wednesday afternoon.


Please register by editing this file or by opening a pull request:

or by sending a quick mail to the pypy-dev mailing list: