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The PyPy Blog Turns 15 Years

Exactly 15 years ago today we wrote the first blog post on the PyPy blog! Over the years, we have written 423 posts, from the shortest to the longest. In 2021 we moved from blogger to our own domain.

The topics over the years varied widely, we published release announcements; roadmaps; JIT, GC and STM updates; benchmarks; sprint, trip and conference reports; technical deep dives; case studies; april fool's jokes; research projects; other languages using RPython; finished PhD Bachelor and Master, theses; pictures:

a collage of photos taken at PyPy sprints

and diagrams:

a collage of diagrams from previous blog posts

Quite a number of blog posts were very early iterations of papers that we published later, here are a few that I can remember:

Greatest Hits

In terms of visitors, the top five posts on the old blog were – on the new blog we simply don't have stats (yet?):

  1. Let's remove the global interpreter lock

  2. Tutorial: Writing an Interpreter with PyPy, Part 1

  3. PyPy's new JSON parser

  4. PyPy gets funding from Mozilla for Python 3.5 support

  5. How to make your code 80 times faster

The number of posts per year developed like this:


The most prolific authors are:

  1. Maciej Fijałkowski

  2. Carl Friedrich Bolz-Tereick

  3. Armin Rigo

  4. Antonio Cuni

  5. Matti Picus

Several blog posts have made it to the Hacker News front page, three of them to number 1:

Personal Favourites

While looking through the posts, there were a few that stood out to me in some way, so here's a subjective list of ones that I had fun looking at again:

We'd like to thank our authors, guest authors, commenters, users and readers who have stuck with us through one and a half decades! If there's any particular topics you would like to read something about, or any guest posts you'd like to write, let us know!